LOExtractor - Rapid Authoring Tool to Support Workflow-Embedded Authoring

Oleg Rostanin, Markus Ludwar

In: Proceedings of the 3rd International Workshop on Learner-Oriented Knowledge Management & KM-Oriented E-Learning (LOKMOL 2007). Workshop on Learner-Oriented Knowledge Management & KM-oriented E-Learning (LOKMOL) Seiten 17-20 CEUR-WS 2007.


Creation of reusable learning content in the process of work is a challenging but promising trend in e-learning and knowledge man- agement. Whereas well established authoring methodologies like instruc- tional system design seem to be too complicated to be used by employees during their work, new authoring methods using rapid authoring tools do not provide content quality that is enough to support goal-oriented adaptive learning. To overcome the shortcomings of the rapid authoring tools, the authors designed and implemented an alternative authoring tool LOExtractor that is aimed to support learning content authoring in workflows.

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