Incremental, multi-level processing for comprehending situated dialogue in human-robot interaction

Geert-Jan Kruijff, Pierre Lison, Trevor Benjamin, Henrik Jacobsson, N. Hawes

In: Language and Robots: Proceedings from the Symposium (LangRo'2007). Symposium on Language and Robots (LangRo) Aveiro, Portugal University of Aveiro 12/2007.


The paper presents a model of situated dialogue processing. The underlying assumption is that to understand situated dialogue, communicated meaning needs to be related to situation(s) it refers to. The model couples incremental processing to a notion of bidirectional connectivity, inspired by how humans process visually situated language. Analyzing an utterance in a "word-by-word" fashion, a representation of possible utterance interpretations is gradually built up. In a top-down fashion, the model tries to ground these interpretations in situation awareness, through which they can prime what is focused on in a situation. In a bottom-up fashion, the (im)possibility to ground certain interpretations primes how the analysis of the utterance further unfolds. The paper discusses the implementation of the model in a distributed, cognitive architecture for human-robot interaction, and presents an evaluation on a test suite. The evaluation shows (and quantifies) the effects different levels of linguistic- and situation-relative interpretation have on priming utterance processing.

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