Entailment-based Question Answering for Structured Data

Bogdan Sacaleanu, Constantin Orasan, Christian Spurk, Shiyan Ou, Oscar Ferrandez, Milen Kouylekov, Matteo Negri

In: Allan Ramsay , Kalina Bontcheva (Hrsg.). Coling 2008: Companion volume: Posters and Demonstrations. International Conference on Computational Linguistics (COLING-2008) 22nd August 18-22 Manchester United Kingdom Seiten 29-32 Coling 2008 Organizing Committee 2008.


This paper describes a Question Answering system which retrieves answers from structured data regarding cinemas and movies. The system represents the first prototype of a multilingual and multi-modal QA system for the domain of tourism. Based on specially designed domain ontology and using Textual Entailment as a means for semantic inference, the system can be used in both monolingual and cross-language settings with slight ad-justments for new input languages.


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