One Exercise - Various Tutorial Strategies

Giorgi Goguadze, Erica Melis

In: E. Aimeur , R. Nkambou , B.P. Woolf , S. Lajoie (Hrsg.). 9th International Conference, ITS 2008, Montreal, Canada, June 23-27, 2008 Proceedings. International Conference on Intelligent Tutoring Systems (ITS-2008) June 23-27 Montréal Canada Seiten 755-757 Lecture Notes in Computer Science (LNCS) 5091 Springer-Verlag 2008.


Narciss' theoretical framework for informative tutorial feedback (ITF) suggests to adapt the feedback along the dimensions: content, procedure, form, and presentation according to the task, the learner's response and to the learner's characteristics and particular situation. As prerequisites for the adaptations we devised a knowledge representation for exercises to which various tutorial and presentation strategies can be applied. We also developed techniques for generating the procedure, form and presentation of feedback.

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