Seamless Personalized TV-like Presentations on Mobile and Stationary Devices in a Museum

Michael Kruppa, Antonio Krüger, C. Rocchi, O. Stock, M. Zancanaro

In: Proceedings of the International Conference on Hypermedia and Interactivity in Museums (ICHIM). International Conference on Hypermedia and Interactivity in Museums (ICHIM-03) September 8-12 Paris France Seiten 1-19 ISBN 1-885363-28-2 Archimuse (CD-Rom) 2003.


The issue of the seamless interleaving of interaction with a mobile device and stationary devices is addressed in a typical situation of educational entertainment: the visit to a museum. Some of the salient elements of the described work are the emphasis on multimodality in the dynamic presentation and coherence throughout the visit. The adopted metaphor is of a kind of contextualized tv-like presentation, useful for engaging (young) visitors. On the mobile device, personal video-clips are dynamically generated from personalized verbal presentations; on larger stationary screens distributed throughout the museum, further background material and additional information is provided. A virtual presenter follows the visitors in their experience and gives advice on both types of devices and on the museum itself.

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