A platform-independent metamodel for multiagent systems

Christian Hahn, Klaus Fischer

In: International Journal on Autonomous Agents and Multi-Agent Systems (JAAMAS) 18 2 Seiten 239-266 Springer Netherlands 4/2009.


Various agent-oriented methodologies and metamodels exist to design and develop multiagent systems (MAS) in an abstract manner. Frequently, these frameworks specialise on particular parts of the MAS and only few works have been invested to derive a common standardisation. This limits the impact of agent-related systems in commercial applications. In this paper, we present a metamodel for agent systems that abstracts from existing agent-oriented methodologies, programming languages, and platforms and could thus be considered as platform-independent. This metamodel defines the abstract syntax of a proposed domain-specific modelling language for MAS that is currently under development and provides furthermore the base to generate code out of the generated designs. This is done by applying the principles of model-driven development (MDD) and providing two model transformations that allow transforming the generated models into textual code that can be executed with JACK and JADE.


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