Simulation and Visualization of Indoor Acoustics Using Phonon Tracing

Eduard Deines, Frank Michel, Martin Hering-Bertram, Jan Mohring, Hans Hagen

In: Gerhard Steinebach , Subhrajit Guhathakurta , Hans Hagen (Hrsg.). Visualizing Sustainable Planning. Seiten 147-156 ISBN 3540882022 Springer Berlin, Heidelberg 3/2009.


We present an overview of our simulation and visualization system for sound propagation within closed rooms. For acoustic simulation we use a particle-tracing algorithm, the phonon tracing, which is suitable to simulate mid- and high-frequency sound. For low-frequency sound we have to fall back on FEM methods, which solve the wave equation. The result of the phonon-tracing algorithm, the phonon map, is used as a starting point for the visualization of sound propagation and exploration of the influence of different scene surfaces on the acoustic behavior of the room.

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