Modeling Task Experience in User Assistance Systems

Andrea Kohlhase, Michael Kohlhase

In: Proceedings of the 27th annual ACM International Conference on Design of communication. ACM International Conference on Design of Communication (SIGDOC-09) October 5-7 Bloomington IN United States Seiten 135-142 ACM Press 2009.


One of the major issues for user assistance systems consists of "providing help at an appropriate level". In this paper we analyze the problem of modeling task experience a prerequisite for provisioning adequate help. In contrast to level-based approaches we propose an ontology-based model, which allows fine-grained modeling of task experience using the concepts of the task domain as granules. The model is semantic in the sense that it allows to take advantage of the relations between concepts to provide novel semantic services and interactions. We present the SACHS (Semantic Annotations for a Controlling Help System, a semantic help system for a spreadsheet-based financial controlling system) software as an exemplary application of the proposed task experience model.


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