A Pool of Topics: Interactive Relational Topic Visualization for Information Discovery

Inessa Seifert, Michael Kruppa

In: Maulin Huang , et al. (Hrsg.). Visual Information Communications. Visual Information Communications International (VINCI-09) September 24-25 Sydney Australia Springer 2010.


In this paper, we present a novel relational visualization that supports people at information discovery tasks in digital libraries. This visualization displays search query results structured into topics and highlights the intersections between them. The proposed visual repre- sentation introduces interactive drag-and-drop operations for manipulation of the generated topics. These operations mirror the human online searching strategies that involve boolean AND, OR, and NOT operators. In doing so, the information seeker can refine (or relax) a search query in an interactive way during a focusing or a defocusing phase. The intersections of topics are made explicitly visible to enable the information seeker to avoid frustrating "no hits" situations.


vinci09strategies.pdf (pdf, 2 MB )

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