Marauders Light: Replacing the Wand with a Mobile Camera Projector Unit.

Markus Löchtefeld, Johannes Schöning, Michael Rohs, Antonio Krüger

In: MUM 2009: The 8th International Conference on Mobile and Ubiquitous Multimedia. International Conference on Mobile and Ubiquitous Multimedia (MUM-2009) November 22-25 Cambridge United Kingdom ACM 2009.


Classic paper-based maps provide high-resolution, large-scale information and are ubiquitous in larger cities and even out- doors. In this paper we present a combination of their ad- vantages with a mobile camera projector unit to create a new mobile and intuitive buddy finder interface. Current friend or buddy finder systems on mobile phones such as Google Latitude suffer from the small screen estate and dis- play size of mobile devices. To overcome this problem we use a lightweight mobile camera projector unit to augment the paper map with a projected overlay of the buddies` positions. By using digital and geo-referenced representations of public maps no extra preperation for the tracking is needed. The idea is presented by enhancing Google Latitude, which al- lows users to browse the positions of their friends, to project the positions directly on the paper map without the cum- bersome panning and zooming of a digital map on a small display.

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