Concepts of Interaction with Projected Displays Using Gestures

Lübomira Spassova, Fei Guo

In: Roots for the Future of Ambient Intelligence. European Conference on Ambient Intelligence (AmI-09) 3rd European Conference on Ambient Intelligence November 18-21 Salzburg Austria ISBN 978-3-902737-00-7 2009.


In recent years, projection has been increasingly regarded as a new means for ubiquitous visual output. Different projector models have been developed to project on arbitrary surfaces, for example the Everywhere Displays (ED) projector [1] or the Fluid Beam system [2]. Using such projectors, the environment can be turned into a continuous output interface, on which visual information can be displayed. In order to give users the opportunity to interact with these projected displays in a natural way, new concepts of user interaction have to be developed and evaluated. The main goal of the presented work is a transfer of the interaction space from the conventional desktop space to the real world, where the projected displays are located. This requires a development of novel interaction methods taking into account the particular features of projected displays. For this purpose, appropriate interaction devices and techniques have to be identified and, if necessary, special user interfaces have to be created.


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