Experiences of an Intensive Programme on Robotics

Eduardo Vendrell, Martin Mellado, Filomena Ferrucci, Andrea F. Abate, Stefan Hodek, Detlef Zühlke (Hrsg.)

Informatics Education Europe (IEE-IV) November 5-6 Freiburg Germany IEE IV 2009.


Giving students the possibility to live an academic international experience is widely recognized to be a crucial factor to determine the quality of academic degrees. This factor is especially true for informatics, due to the increased globalization of software development. In this paper, the design, objectives, experiences, and results of two developed editions of a project founded by the European Commission in the context of the Erasmus Intensive Programme are presented. The project, named Simulation and Virtual Reality in Robotics for Industrial Assembly Processes Intensive Programme (SAVRO-IP) is organized in order to provide some Computer Science skills and additional learning outcomes in the context of IT applied to industrial processes. The course involves three Institutions from three European countries and puts together students and lectures with different scientific and cultural knowledge, which participate in a short (two weeks) but intensive academic and social programme. The aim of the paper is to illustrate some best practices that characterize the organization of SAVRO-IP so that other Institutions can take advantage of them for the development of other similar international experiences. Moreover, we will present some lessons learned from our experience that allow us to make some general recommendations and suggestions on how to devise Informatics academic curricula.

Deutsches Forschungszentrum für Künstliche Intelligenz
German Research Center for Artificial Intelligence