Analysis of the Evaluation Results for our Tasks in COAE2009

Mosha Chen, Rui Wang, Xiaojun Zhang, Wei Qiu, Yi Zhang, Tingyu Li, Wenbo Zhang, Tianfang Yao

In: Proceedings of the second Chinese opinion analysis evaluation. Chinese Opinion Analysis Evaluation (COAE-2009) China Seiten 134-143 The Professional Committee of Information Retrieval China 2009.


COAE2009 has five tasks and we take part in Task 3, 4 and 5. Task3 is designed for identification of the opinioned sentence; Task4 is designed for topic identification based on the sentences from Task3 and makes the polarity classification; Task5 is about opinion retrieval plus the sentiment polarity analysis. This paper will present our methods in the three tasks and finally draw our conclusion and present our future work.

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