An open approach towards the benchmarking of table structure recognition systems

Asif Shahab, Faisal Shafait, Thomas Kieninger, Andreas Dengel

In: 9th IAPR Workshop on Document Analysis Systems. IAPR International Workshop on Document Analysis Systems (DAS) Boston, MA, USA ACM 6/2010.


Table spotting and structural analysis are just a small fraction of tasks relevant when speaking of table analysis. Today, quite a large number of different approaches facing these tasks have been described in literature or are available as part of commercial OCR systems that claim to deal with tables on the scanned documents and to treat them accordingly. However, the problem of detecting tables is not yet solved at all. Different approaches have different strengths and weak points. Some fail in certain situations or layouts where others perform better. How shall one know, which approach or system is the best for his specific job? The answer to this question raises the demand for an objective comparison of different approaches which address the same task of spotting tables and recognizing their structure. This paper describes our approach towards establishing a complete and publicly available, hence open environment for the benchmarking of table spotting and structural analysis. We provide free access to the ground truthing tool and evaluation mechanism described in this paper, describe the ideas behind and we also provide ground truth for the 547 documents of the UNLV and UW-3 datasets that contain tables. In addition, we applied the quality measures to the results that were generated by the T-Recs system which we developed some years ago and which we started to further advance since a few months.


Shahab-Table-Structure-Evaluation-DAS10.pdf (pdf, 834 KB )

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