Learning from Linked Open Data Usage: Patterns & Metrics

Knud Möller, Michael Hausenblas, Richard Cyganiak, Gunnar Aastrand Grimnes

In: Proceedings of the WebSci10: Extending the Frontiers of Society On-Line. Web Science Conference (WebSci) April 26-27 Raleigh North Carolina United States 2010.


Although Linked Open Data (LOD) has been available for roughly two years now, little is known about its usage. Motivating why it is important to understand the usage of Linked Data, we describe typical Linked Data usage scenarios and contrast the so derived requirement with conventional server access analysis. Then, we report on usage patterns found through an in-depth analysis of access logs of four popular LOD datasets. Eventually, based on the usage patterns we found in the analysis, we propose metrics for assessing Linked Data usage from the human and the machine perspective, taking into account different agent types and resource representations.

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