Quantitative Analysis

D. Bonardi, L. Bothelo, Matthias Klusch, A. Lopes, T. Möller, A. De Oliveira e Sousa, M. Vasirani

In: M. Schumacher , H. Helin , H. Schuldt (Hrsg.). CASCOM - Intelligent Service Coordination in the Semantic Web. Kapitel 16 Seiten 349-362 Whitestein Series in Software Agent Technologies and Autonomic Computing Birkhäuser Verlag, Springer 2008.


This book presents the design, implementation and validation of a value-added supportive infrastructure for Semantic Web based business application services across mobile and fixed networks, applied to an emergency healthcare application. This infrastructure has been realized by the CASCOM European research project. For end users, the CASCOM framework provides seamless access to semantic Web services anytime, anywhere, by using any mobile computing device. For service providers, CASCOM offers an innovative development platform for intelligent and mobile business application services in the Semantic Web

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