MARS: A Specialized RTE System for Parser Evaluation

Rui Wang, Yi Zhang

In: Proceedings of the SemEval-2010 Evaluation Exercises on Semantic Evaluation. International Workshop on Semantic Evaluation (SemEval-2010) Evaluation Exercises on Semantic Evaluation befindet sich ACL 2010 July 15-16 Uppsala Sweden Association for Computational Linguistics 7/2010.


This paper describes our participation in the the SemEval-2010 Task #12, Parser Evaluation using Textual Entailment. Our system incorporated two dependency parsers, one semantic role labeler, and a deep parser based on hand-crafted grammars. The shortest path algorithm is applied on the graph representation of the parser outputs. Then, different types of features are extracted and the entailment recognition is casted into a machine-learning-based classification task. The best setting of the system achieves 66.78% of accuracy, which ranks the 3rd place.

PETE2010.pdf (pdf, 244 KB )

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