The QALL-ME Framework: A specifiable-domain multilingual Question Answering architecture.

Óscar Ferrández, Christian Spurk, Milen Kouylekov, Iustin Dornescu, Sergio Ferrández, Matteo Negri, Rubén Izquierdo, David Tomás, Constantin Orasan, Günter Neumann, Bernardo Magnini, Jose Luis Vicedo

In: Journal of Web Semantics: Science, Services and Agents on the World Wide Web 9 2 Seiten 137-145 Elsevier 2/2011.


This paper presents the QALL-ME Framework, a reusable architecture for building multi- and cross-lingual Question Answering (QA) systems working on structured data modelled by an ontology. It is released as free open source software with a set of demo components and extensive documentation, which makes it easy to use and adapt. The main characteristics of the QALL-ME Framework are: (i) its domain portability, achieved by an ontology modelling the target domain; (ii) the context awareness regarding space and time of the question; (iii) the use of textual entailment engines as the core of the question interpretation; and (iv) an architecture based on Service Oriented Architecture (SOA), which is realized using interchangeable web services for the framework components. Furthermore, we present a running example to clarify how the framework processes questions as well as a case study that shows a QA application built as an instantiation of the QALL-ME Framework for cinema/movie events in the tourism domain.


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