A Framework for Auditory Displays in Intelligent Environments

Ralf Jung

In: Vic Callaghan , Achilles Kameas , Simon Egerton , Ichiro Satoh , Michael Weber (Hrsg.). Proceedings of the Sixth International Conference on Intelligent Environments. International Conference on Intelligent Environments (IE-2010) 6th July 19-21 Kuala Lumpur Malaysia Seiten 40-45 ISBN 978-1-4244-7836-1 IEEE Computer Society 7/2010.


In this paper, a novel framework for Auditory Displays is presented that provides methods to notify persons in instrumented environments individually. The used non-speech audio cues are unnoticeable for others and they have no disturbing effect on attendees. On the symbolic level, the notification signals represent events and can be seamlessly embedded in an ambient soundscape running in the background of the listener's attention. The type of notification depends on the user's preferences as well as on his/her current situation and location.


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