Multi-Touch is Dead, Long live multi-touch

Johannes Schöning, Antonio Krüger, Patrick Olivier

In: CHI 2009: Workshop on Multitouch and Surface Computing. ACM International Conference on Human Factors in Computing Systems (CHI-2009) April 4-9 Boston MA United States Seiten 7-11 ACM 2009.


nterest in multi-touch interaction with large and small displays surfaces has seen a recent explosion. We describe key moments in “multi-touch’s” latest history and rank “multi-touch” in Gartner’s five-phase hype cycle. We also (re)highlight the issues that designers have to take into account when designing multi-touch applications on multi-touch sensitive surfaces to address the ensuing period of “disillusionment”. At this peak in the hype, many well-known concepts of multi- touch and bimanual interaction were ignored and we describe these low points for interaction design. Bill Buxton’s multi-touch webpage provides a list of these “traps'' of which people who are starting out with multi- touch interaction should be aware. Based on Buxton’s framework, we draw conclusions about how researchers should assess and be inspired to develop the next generation of multi-touch applications.

SchoeningMultiTouchisDead.pdf (pdf, 3 MB )

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