An exchange format for multimodal annotations

Michael Kipp, T. Schmidt, S. Duncan, O. Ehmer, J. Hoyt, Michael Kipp, D. Loehr, M. Magnusson, T. Rose, H. Sloetjes

In: Michael Kipp , J.-C. Martin , P. Paggio , D. Heylen . Multimodal Corpora: From Models of Natural Interaction to Systems and Applications. Seiten 207-221 Lecture Notes in Artificial Intelligence (LNAI) 5509 Springer 2009.


This paper presents the results of a joint effort of a group of multimodality researchers and tool developers to improve the interoperability between several tools used for the annotation and analysis of multimodality. Each of the tools has specific strengths so that a variety of different tools, working on the same data, can be desirable for project work. However this usually requires tedious conversion between formats. We propose a common exchange format for multimodal annotation, based on the annotation graph (AG) formalism, which is supported by import and export routines in the respective tools. In the current version of this format the common denominator information can be reliably exchanged between the tools, and additional information can be stored in a standardized way.

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