Simulation Framework in Second Life with Evaluation Functionality for Sensor-based Systems

Boris Brandherm, Sebastian Ullrich, Helmut Prendinger

In: Graeme Stevenson , Steve Neely , Christian Kray (Hrsg.). Proceedings of the 2nd Workshop on Ubiquitous Systems Evaluation (USE ’08). Workshop on Ubiquitous Systems Evaluation (USE-08) befindet sich UbiComp 2008 September 21 Seoul South Korea 393 ISBN ISSN 1613-0073 CEUR Workshop Proceedings 9/2008.


This paper describes a simulation framework for sensor-based systems utilizing "Second Life", a popular virtual three-dimensional multi-user online world. With this platform, the components of a sensor-based system can be mapped to (or, represented by) virtual counter-parts. The intuitive user interface of Second Life and its comprehensive visualization support evaluation tasks of ubiquitous computing applications. Developers can directly control and manipulate virtual counterparts of real devices. In this way, different settings of a sensor-based system can be tested. The main contribution of our work consists of a bi-directional interface between sensor-based systems and Second Life.

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