Assistenzsysteme auf Basis produktbezogener Dokumentation für die Produktion von Morgen

Dominic Gorecky, Gerrit Meixner

In: FORUM WARE - Internationale Zeitschrift für Warenwirtschaft 38 Deutschen Gesellschaft für Warenlehre und Technologie e.V. (DGWT) 2011.


Instruments of knowledge management grow within the context of complex systems and the explosion of information to a significant competitive factor. Manuals, data sheets and other forms of product documentations are essential for an effective interaction with technical systems, but the media discontinuity between paper-based documentations and digital user interfaces makes finding appropriate information difficult. In future, information handling must be improved drastically; the gap between capturing, documenting and rendering of information must be closed. Ubiquitous Technologies offer advanced knowledge transfer possibilities by making data available in a very direct and intuitive way. The present publication introduces an application-oriented concept for knowledge transfer in production environments on the basis of model-based documentation and mobile personal assistance systems.

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