The Onto-Logical Translation Graph

Oliver Kutz, Till Mossakowski

In: O. Kutz , T. Schneider (Hrsg.). Modular Ontologies - Proceedings of the Fifth International Workshop. International Workshop on Modular Ontologies (WoMO-11) 5th August 8-12 Ljubljana Slovenia Seiten 94-109 Frontiers in Artificial Intelligence and Applications ISBN 978-1-60750-798-7 IOS Press Amsterdam 2011.


We present an overview of the landscape of ontology languages, mostly pertaining to the first-order paradigm. In particular, we present a uniform formalisation of these languages based on the institution theoretical framework, allowing a systematic treatment and analysis of the translational relationships between the various languages and a general analysis of properties of such translations. We also discuss the importance of language translation from the point of view of ontological modularity and logical pluralism, and for the borrowing of tools and reasoners between languages.

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