Globale Datenflußanalyse und horizontale Compilation der relational-funktionalen Sprache RELFUN

Thomas Krause

DFKI DFKI Documents (D) 91-08 1991.


The compilation of the relational-functional language RELFUN is enhanced by source-level (horizontal) preprocessing. A horizontal compiler transforms the language into a normal-form kernel. This includes right-hand-side propagation, static unification, sharing, pre-evaluation, and reordering. The transformations are specified as a collection of term-rewriting systems plus a control algorithm. Building on the PROLOG mode interpreter of Saumya K. Debray, a global mode or data-flow analyzer for RELFUN call patterns is developed. All compiler enhancements described are running in LISP.

D-91-08.pdf (pdf, 8 MB )

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