Streamlining the CERIF XML Data Exchange Format: Towards CERIF 2.0

Brigitte Jörg, Jan Dvorak, Thomas Vestdam

In: 11th International Conference on Current Research Information Systems. International Conference on Current Research Information Systems (CRIS-2012) e-Infrastructures for Research and Innovation: Linking Information Systems to Improve Scientific Knowledge Production June 6-9 Prague Czech Republic TBD Prague 6/2012.


The Common European Research Information Format (CERIF) is an established standard for Current Research Information Systems (CRISs) facing the increasing need for information sharing and exchange. euroCRIS released the first official CERIF XML exchange format in 2007; it followed the structure of the relational data model. Based on experience with the format and consulting with the CRIS community on newer interoperation and exchange concepts, the authors proposed an update to the CERIF XML exchange format. This updated CERIF XML aimed at compactness with expression and backwards compatibility. With this article, we provide insight into the motivation for change, present the updated format, and finally outline possible next steps.

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