ARC-TEC: Acquisition, Representation and Compilation of Technical Knowledge

Ansgar Bernardi, Harold Boley, Philipp Hanschke, Knut Hinkelmann, Christoph Klauck, Otto Kühn, Ralf Legleitner, Manfred Meyer, M.M. Richter, Franz Schmalhofer, Gabriele Schmidt, Walter Sommer

DFKI DFKI Research Reports (RR) 91-27 1991.


A global description of an expert system shell for the domain of mechanical engineering is presented. The ARC-TEC project constitutes an AI approach to realize the CIM idea. Along with conceptual solutions, it provides a continuous sequence of software tools for the acquisition, representation and compilation of technical knowledge. The shell combines the KADS knowledge-acquisition methodology, the KL-ONE representation theory and the WAM compilation technology. For its evaluation a prototypical expert system for production planning is developed. A central part of the system is a knowledge base formalizing the relevant aspects of common sense in mechanical engineering. Thus, ARC-TEC is less general than the CYC project but broader than specific expert systems for planning or diagnosis.

RR-91-27.pdf (pdf, 104 KB )

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