Agile Automation Systems Based on Cyber-Physical Systems and Service-Oriented Architectures

Detlef Zühlke, Lisa Ollinger

In: Gary Lee (Hrsg.). Advances in Automation and Robotics. Seiten 567-574 Lecture Notes in Electrical Engineering 122 ISBN 978-3-642-25553-3 Springer Berlin Heidelberg 2012.


Nowadays, manufacturing companies have to face increasing challenges to keep pace in our globalized world. The key enabler to fulfill the rising demands is an industrial automation system that supports dynamically changes of the manufacturing equipment and the automation software with low effort. Since current automation systems aren’t able to meet these requirements, we need significant changes. Therefore, we present our vision of the automation network that is based on the concepts of Cyber-Physical Systems and Service-oriented Architectures. For realizing this vision we point out which aspects and influencing factors have to be taken into account and propose approaches for a gradual implementation.

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