Playing Tangram with the Humanoid Robot ROMAN

Jochen Hirth, Norbert Schmitz, Karsten Berns

In: Proceedings of the German Conference on Robotics. German Conference on Robotics (ROBOTIK) 7th befindet sich in conjunction with the robotics exhibition AUTOMATICA 2012 May 21-22 Munich Germany Seiten 18-23 5/2012.


An open question in the area of social robot interaction is how to design test scenarios that on one hand provide the required complexity and on the other hand are still describable. The tabletop game Tangram has been selected as a test scenario for human-robot interaction. This paper describes how the required skills, to enable the humanoid robot ROMAN to play the game, have been ralized. Experimental results demonstrate the functioning of the system and show how emotion influences robot’s motivation.

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