Proceedings of the 1st International Workshop on Language Technology in Pervasive Computing

Christoph Stahl, Dimitra Anastasiou (Hrsg.)

International Workshop on Language Technology in Pervasive Computing (LTPC-12) befindet sich Pervasive Computing 2012 June 18-22 Newcastle United Kingdom online proceedings 6/2012.


The main objective of the workshop is to consider the intersection of two research domains which have been separated the past years: NLP and pervasive computing. In pervasive and ubiquitous computing scenarios, spoken language is in many cases the ideal modality for human beings to interact with a “disappearing” computer, i.e. to directly formulate their intentions and to receive feedback from the system. However, despite recent advances in speech technology, many developers still have objections to employ NLP due to concerns of low recognition rates and issues of disambiguation etc. These limitations of NLP components are not surprising, considering that even human beings can only make sense of spoken language by contextual knowledge. Sensing context however is one of the key topics of the Pervasive Computing conference series, particularly location sensing and activity recognition. We believe that the pervasive computing community can make an important contribution to the field of NLP and also Human Language Technology (HLT) can profit enormously from pervasive computing by getting contextual information.

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