Single Trial ERP detection Exploiting Sparsity in Time

Foad Ghaderi

In: Proceedings of the International Biomedical and Astronomical Signal Processing (BASP) Frontiers Workshop. The international biomedical and astronomical signal processing (BASP) Frontiers workshop (BASP-2013) January 27-February 1 Villars-sur-Ollon Switzerland Seite 62 2/2013.


Sparsity of event related potentials (ERP) in time domain is used to develop a single trial ERP detection method. It is assumed that ERPs are deterministic whereas the ongoing EEG does not have this property [1]. Using the recursive projected compressive sensing (Re-ProCS) method [2] the electroencephalogram (EEG) data is decomposed into a high dimensional, low rank component and a sparse component which represents the ERPs. The method shows promising results on EEG data which is synthetically generated using real EEG and ERP samples.


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