The Concept of Stylized Facts as an Instrument for Cumulative IS Research

Constantin Houy, Peter Fettke, Peter Loos

In: Mary Tate, Elfi Furtmueller, Joerg Evermann, Wasana Bandara (Hrsg.). Proceedings of the Pre-ECIS-Workshop "Building up or Piling Up? The Literature Review in Information Systems research". Pre-ECIS-Workshops befindet sich European Conference on Information Systems (ECIS) June 5 Utrecht Netherlands Utrecht University 6/2013.


The accumulation of valid scientific knowledge is one of the most important objectives of every research discipline, and so for Information Systems (IS) research. In order to further the on-going discussion regarding how cumulative IS research can be effectively fostered, this contribution points at the potential of the concept of Stylized Facts (SF). SF originate from economic research and have been successfully used for several years. While abstracting from details, SF represent stable patterns in empirical data from different sources. The promising potential of SF for IS research as well as our experiences with the usage of SF shall be presented by means of several application studies.


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