Linguistics to Structure Unstructured Information

Günter Neumann, Wolfgang Wahlster, Gerhard Paaß, David van den Akker

In: Wolfgang Wahlster , Hans-Joachim Grallert , Stefan Wess , Hermann Friedrich , Thomas Widenka . Towards the Internet of Services: The THESEUS Program. Seiten 383-392 ISBN 978-3-319-06755-1 Springer 2014.


The extraction of semantics of unstructured documents requires the recognition and classification of textual patterns, their variability and their inter-relationships, i.e. the analysis of the linguistic structure of documents. Being the integral part of a larger real-life application, this linguistic analysis process must be robust, fast and adaptable. This creates a big challenge for the development of the necessary linguistic base components. In this drill-down we present several dimensions of this challenge and show how they have been successfully tackled in ORDO.


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