Mining the Usability of Business Process Modeling Tools: Concept and Case Study

Tom Thaler, Dirk Maurer, Vittorio De Angelis, Peter Fettke, Peter Loos

In: Jan Mendling, Jan vom Brocke (Hrsg.). Proceedings of the Industry Track at the 13th International Conference on Business Process Management 2015. Business Process Management (BPM-15) September 1-3 Innsbruck Austria Seiten 152-166 CEUR 9/2015.


Business process models are key artifacts in business process management. The technical support of the process of process modeling is important for the quality and the applicability of the resulting models. The quality of that technical support plays an important role in the selection of corresponding software products and is a crucial characteristic of differentiation. Nevertheless, only little knowledge on the tool-specific line of actions and the corresponding challenges in the daily work of modelers is available, which makes it hard to improve a modeling tool against customer requirements. In order to address that conflict, we develop a method based on process mining, allowing the continuous analysis of modeling tools and the applied processes of process modeling with regard to software usability aspects. The resulting method containing the phases user monitoring, trace clustering, usage model derivation, usage model analysis, recommendation derivation and implementation primarily aims at a target-oriented design and further development of business process modeling tools and is evaluated with the ARIS Designer by performing a user study. The results allow promising estimations for an application of the method in a broader context.

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