Developing a Mixed Reality Assistance System based on Projection Mapping Technology for Manual Operations at Assembly Workstations

Leonardo Rodriguez, Fabian Quint, Dominic Gorecky, David Romero, Héctor R Siller

In: Proceedings of 3th International Conference on Virtual and Augmented Reality in Education. International Conference on Virtual and Augmented Reality in Education (VARE-2015) November 19-21 Monterrey Mexico ISBN 1877-0509 Elsevier 11/2015.


Manual tasks play an important role in social sustainable manufacturing enterprises. Commonly, manual operations are used for low volume productions, but are not limited to. Operational models in manufacturing systems based on “x-to-order” paradigms (e.g. assembly-to-order) may require manual operations to speed-up the ramp-up time of new product configuration assemblies. The implications of manual operations in any production line may imply that any manufacturing or assembly process become more susceptible to human errors and therefore translate into delays, defects and/or poor product quality. In this scenario, virtual and augmented realities can offer significant advantages to support the human operator in manual operations. This research work presents the development of a mixed (virtual and augmented) reality assistance system that permits real-time support in manual operations. A review of mixed reality techniques and technologies was conducted, where it was determined to use a projection mapping solution for the proposed assistance system. According to the specific requirements of the demonstration environment, hardware and software components were chosen. The developed mixed reality assistance system was able to guide any user without any prior knowledge through the successful completion of the specific assembly task.

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