Refuse to Walk on Clouds - Why Firms still do not Use Cloud Computing. An Empirical Study of Barriers and Enhancers

Markus Siepermann, Arbnesh Sutaj, Patrick Lübbecke, Richard Lackes

In: Proceedings of the 49th Annual Hawaii International Conference on System Sciences. Hawaii International Conference on System Sciences (HICSS-49) January 5-8 Kauai HI United States Computer Society Press 2016.


Although cloud computing has highly visible advantages that are propagated since many years, the adoption rate in Germany is still quite low. This paper investigates the reasons why. Therefore, we undertook an empirical study to identify the main barriers and enhancers of cloud computing. Results show that, although the classic data risk and costs benefits still dominate the opinion, they do not significantly influence the usage of cloud computing services.

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