ASP-Driven BDI-Planning Agents in Virtual 3D Environments

André Antakli, Ingo Zinnikus, Matthias Klusch

In: 14th German Conference on Multiagent System Technologies MATES 2016. German Conference on Multiagent System Technologies (MATES-2016) September 27-30 Klagenfurt Austria Springer 2016.


This paper introduces the agent platform HumanSim, a combination of the BDI-paradigm and Answer Set Programming (ASP), to simulate entities in three-dimensional virtual environments. We show how ASP can be used to (i) annotate a virtual three-dimensional world and (ii) to model the goal selection behavior of a BDI agent. Using this approach it is possible to model the agent domain and its behavior (reactive or foresighted) with ASP. To demonstrate the practical use of HumanSim, we present a three-dimensional planning and simulation application, in which worker agents are driven by HumanSim in the shop floor domain. Furthermore, we show the results of an evaluation of HumanSim in the former mentioned simulation application.

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