From Europe to China: Adapting Courseware Generation to a Different Educational Context.

X. Tan, Carsten Ullrich, Rui-Min Shen

In: Sabine Graf , Fuhua Kinshuk , Rory McGreal (Hrsg.). Intelligent and Adaptive Learning Systems: Technology Enhanced Support for Learners and Teachers.. Seiten 59-70 IGI Global 2011.


Course(ware) generation is the process of assembling a sequence of learning objects that is adapted to an individual user’s goals, preferences, and capabilities. This chapter investigates course generation and how it is adapted to a different educational context, an area of research that has been barely researched until now. The authors present a course generator developed within a European project and show how it was adapted to met requirements arising from the Chinese educational setting – a setting that differs from Europe being significantly more-teacher centered and whose foremost goal is to enable access to higher education to the largest amount of citizens possible.

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