Reference Model Mining - Concepts, Methods, Applications

Jana-Rebecca Rehse

In: Doctoral Consortium at the IEEE Conference on Business Informatics. IEEE Conference on Business Informatics (CBI-2016) August 29-September 1 Paris France IEEE 2016.


Reference models are templates for processes that are common within a certain domain. By providing a generic blueprint of a process model, they facilitate a resource-efficient implementation of the respective process and its adaption to the individual needs of an organization. As reference models are an accepted and valuable BPM tool, there is an ongoing demand for the development of new, high-quality reference models. Given the current trends towards digitization and automation and the increasing availability of large process model collections caused by the more prevalent application of BPM techniques, it seems worthwhile to use this data for the development of new reference models. This is the motivation behind Reference Model Mining (RMM).

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