Trained 3D models for CNN based object recognition

SCITEPRESS Digital Library (Hrsg.)

International Conference on Computer Vision Theory and Applications (VISAPP-17) February 27-March 1 Porto Portugal SCITEPRESS Digital Library 3/2017.


We present a method for 3D object recognition in 2D images which uses 3D models as the only source of the training data. Our method is particularly useful when a 3D CAD object or a scan needs to be identified in a catalogue form a given query image; where we significantly cut down the overhead of manual labeling. We take virtual snapshots of the available 3D models by a computer graphics pipeline and fine-tune existing pretrained CNN models for our object categories. Experiments show that our method performs better than the existing local-feature based recognition system in terms of recognition recall.


snap_cnn_cameraready_short.pdf (pdf, 4 MB )

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