Case-based reasoning for medical decision support tasks: The Inreca approach

Klaus-Dieter Althoff, Ralph Bergmann, Stefan Wess, Michel Manago, Eric Auriol, Oleg I. Larichev, Alexander Bolotov, Yurii I. Zhuravlev, Serge I. Gurov

In: Artificial Intelligence in Medicine (AIM) 12 Seiten 25-41 Elsevier 1998.


We describe an approach for developing knowledge-based medical decision support systems based on the new technology of case-based reasoning. This work is based on the results of the Inreca European project and preliminary results from the Inreca+ project which mainly deals with medical applications. One goal was to start from case-based reasoning technology for technical diagnosis and ‘scale-up’ to more general non-technical decision support tasks as typically given in medical domains. Inreca technology has been used to build an initial decision support system at the Russian Toxicology Information and Advisory Center in Moscow for diagnosing poison cases caused by psychotropes.

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