SilverCycling: Evaluating Persuasive Strategies to Promote Physical Activity among Older Adults

Maximilian Altmeyer, Seyedmostafa Hosseini, Pascal Lessel, Antonio Krüger

In: Proceedings of the 2018 ACM Conference Companion Publication on Designing Interactive Systems. Designing Interactive Systems (DIS-2018) June 9-13 Hong Kong Hong Kong SAR of China Seiten 45-50 DIS ISBN 978-1-4503-5631-2 ACM New York, NY, USA 2018.


We present "SilverCycling", a system consisting of an augmented portable bike and a persuasive see-through mirror aimed at encouraging older adults to be physically active. We evaluated the perceived persuasiveness of seven commonly used persuasive strategies (N=9) within SilverCycling in order to elicit the most relevant ones for a field test in future work. We found that social strategies are preferred over non-social ones and that strategies using extrinsic motivators like virtual rewards should be avoided.

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