Towards prediction of user experience from touch interactions with mobile applications

Carola Trahms, Sebastian Möller, Jan-Niklas Voigt-Antons

In: 19th International Conference, HCI International, Part II. International Conference on Human-Computer Interaction Cham, Switzerland Seiten 505-512 ISBN 978-3-319-58753-0 Springer International Publishing AG 2017.


In this work a first attempt is made to model user experience ratings with recordings of touch interactions. To measure the user experience the AttrakDiff Mini questionnaire is used providing three quality dimensions: pragmatic quality, hedonic quality and attractiveness. The feature selection for linear models shows that it is possible to predict the pragmatic quality for a test set with an r2 of up to 0.64. The hedonic quality and attractiveness, however, seem not to be reflected in these touch interactions in a linear way. Still, the results from this work constitute a promising direction for future research on assessing or even optimizing the user experience for apps automatically in real time.

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