Development of a reactance scale for human--computer interaction

Patrick Ehrenbrink, Sebastian Möller

In: Quality and User Experience 3 2 Seiten 1-13 Springer 2018.


Psychological reactance is an effect known from social psychology. Its relevance has been shown in marketing and health communication but has not yet been fully introduced to the field of human–computer interaction. This work describes the development and validation of the reactance scale for human–computer interaction (RSHCI). The RSHCI is designed to measure state reactance in the context of HCI research and is the first questionnaire to address the topic in this context. First, an online study was conducted to find the most reliable items by means of principal component analysis and structural equation modeling. Afterwards, a laboratory experiment was conducted to test the validity of the questionnaire that was obtained in the online study. The result is a highly reliable questionnaire that resembles the structure of psychological reactance as it was identified in related research and also contains a confirmatory factor.

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