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  1. Modular electric robotic cars developed for cities

    In: Chris Vavra (Hrsg.). Control Engineering, Vol. single articel, Pages 1-2, CFE media, 5/2017.

  2. Robotic cars for the future

    In: Annegret Emerich; Cindy Weissmueller; Holger Zeltwanger (Hrsg.). CAN Newsletter Hardware + Software + Tools + Engineering, Vol. 2016, No. 4, Pages …

  3. Mehmed Yüksel; Stefan Lösch; Sven Kroffke; Michael Rohn; Frank Kirchner

    BLDC wheel hub motor and motor controller performance test of a concept electric robotic vehicle in HIL according to real driving characteristics

    In: 2015 9th International Conference on Electrical and Electronics Engineering (ELECO). International Conference on Electrical and Electronics …