GRASPY - Object Manipulation with NAO

Judith Müller, Udo Frese, Thomas Röfer, Rodolphe Gelin, Alexandre Mazel

In: Florian Röhrbein, Germano Veiga, Ciro Natale. Gearing up and Accelerating Cross-Fertilization between Academic and Industrial Robotics Research in Europe. Seiten 177-195 Springer Tracts in Advanced Robotic 94 ISBN 978-3-319-02933-7 Springer 2014.


In this paper we introduce an online object manipulation system for the NAO robot that is able to detect and grasp an object out of a human hand and then give it back in real-time. Known objects are rendered from 3D models and detected stereo contour-based by using a new stereo vision head for NAO. In order to grasp objects, motion trajectories are generated by an A* planner while avoiding obstacles. In order to safely release objects back into a human hand, a combination of tactile and force sensors of the carrying arm is used to detect whether someone touched the grasped object. We performed quantitative experiments in order to evaluate the quality of the detector, the time to grasp an object, as well as the number of successful grasps. We demonstrated the whole system on the real robot.

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