Micromarkets - a distributed agent-based approach to e-markets

Wolf-Christian Eickhoff, Wolfgang Maaß

In: Holger Luczak, Ahmet Cakir, G. Cakir (Hrsg.). E-World@Syria Proceedings of the 6th International Scientific Conference on Work with Display Units. International Scientific Conference on Work with Display Units (WWDU-2002) 6th: Work with display units - world wide work May 22-25 Berchtesgaden Germany Seiten 1-3 Ergonomic, Inst. für Arbeits- und Sozialforschung Berlin 2002.


To overcome constraints of current marketplaces and e-commerce sites we propose an open, flexible framework for user-centered marketplaces. This framework brings together rational user, which can exchange values like goods and services based on the principles of peer-to-peer networks. Any agent can easily create different markets in a modular fashion. By means of this, any agent can take part in diverse, independent and highly customized markets, which we call "micromarkets"

eickhoff02micromarkets.pdf (pdf, 97 KB)

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