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  1. Mirwaes Wahabzada; Kristian Kersting

    Larger Residuals, Less Work: Active Document Scheduling for Latent Dirichlet Allocation

    In: Dimitrios Gunopulos; Thomas Hofmann; Donato Malerba; Michalis Vazirgiannis (Hrsg.). Machine Learning and Knowledge Discovery in Databases - …

  2. Babak Ahmadi; Salah Zayakh; Fabian Hadiji; Kristian Kersting

    O Scientist, Where Art Thou? Affiliation Propagation for Geo-Referencing Scientific Publications

    In: Myra Spiliopoulou; Andreas Nürnberger; René Schult (Hrsg.). Report of the symposium "Lernen, Wissen, Adaptivität 2011" of the GI special interest …

  3. Babak Ahmadi; Martin Mladenov; Kristian Kersting; Scott Sanner

    On Lifted PageRank, Kalman Filter and Towards Lifted Linear Program Solving

    In: Myra Spiliopoulou; Andreas Nürnberger; René Schult (Hrsg.). Report of the symposium "Lernen, Wissen, Adaptivität 2011" of the GI special interest …

  4. Fabian Hadiji; Babak Ahmadi; Kristian Kersting

    Efficient Sequential Clamping for Lifted Message Passing

    In: Joscha Bach; Stefan Edelkamp (Hrsg.). KI 2011: Advances in Artificial Intelligence, 34th Annual German Conference on AI, Proceedings. German …

  5. Babak Ahmadi; Kristian Kersting; Scott Sanner

    Multi-Evidence Lifted Message Passing, with Application to PageRank and the Kalman Filter

    In: Toby Walsh (Hrsg.). IJCAI 2011, Proceedings of the 22nd International Joint Conference on Artificial Intelligence. International Joint Conference …

  6. Multi-task Learning with Task Relations

    In: Diane J. Cook; Jian Pei; Wei Wang; Osmar R. Zaïane; Xindong Wu (Hrsg.). 11th IEEE International Conference on Data Mining. IEEE International …

  7. Invited Talk: Increasing Representational Power and Scaling Inference in Reinforcement Learning

    In: Scott Sanner; Marcus Hutter (Hrsg.). Recent Advances in Reinforcement Learning - 9th European Workshop. European Workshop on Reinforcement …

  8. Mirwaes Wahabzada; Kristian Kersting; Anja Pilz; Christian Bauckhage

    More influence means less work: fast latent dirichlet allocation by influence scheduling

    In: Craig Macdonald; Iadh Ounis; Ian Ruthven (Hrsg.). Proceedings of the 20th ACM Conference on Information and Knowledge Management. ACM …

  9. Marion Neumann; Babak Ahmadi; Kristian Kersting

    Markov Logic Sets: Towards Lifted Information Retrieval Using PageRank and Label Propagation

    In: Wolfram Burgard; Dan Roth (Hrsg.). Proceedings of the Twenty-Fifth AAAI Conference on Artificial Intelligence. AAAI Conference on Artificial …

  10. Hendrik Blockeel; Karsten M. Borgwardt; Luc De Raedt; Pedro M. Domingos; Kristian Kersting; Xifeng Yan

    Guest editorial to the special issue on inductive logic programming, mining and learning in graphs and statistical relational learning

    In: Machine Learning, Vol. 83, No. 2, Pages 133-135, Springer, 2011.