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Zeige Ergebnisse 81 bis 90 von 256
  1. Anthony Jameson; Stephan Baldes; Thomas Kleinbauer

    Enhancing mutual awareness in group recommender systems.

    In: B. Mobasher S. S. Anand (Eds.), Proceedings of the IJCAI 2003 Workshop on Intelligent Techniques for Web Personalization. International Joint …

  2. Anthony Jameson; Thomas Kleinbauer; C. Hackl

    Evaluation of automatically designed mechanisms.

    In: Proceedings of the First Bayesian Modeling Applications Workshop at the Nineteenth Conference on Uncertainty in Artificial Intelligence, Acapulco, …

  3. Exploiting Speech for Recognizing Elderly Users to Respond to their Special Needs.

    In: Proceedings of the Eighth European Conference on Speech Communication and Technology. European Conference on Speech Communication and Technology …

  4. Anthony Jameson; Stephan Baldes; Thomas Kleinbauer

    Generative models of group members as support for group collaboration.

    In: Proceedings of the UM 2003 Workshop on User and Group Models for Web-Based Adaptive. Workshop on User and Group Models for Web-Based Adaptive, …

  5. Alexander Kröner; Thomas Rist

    Grafische Feinjustierung von Layoutconstraints für Multimedia-Webportale

    In: Proceedings of the conference on Simulation und Visualisierung 2003, pp 151-162, Magdeburg, Germany, March 6-7, 2003. Simulation und …

  6. Daniel Kudenko; Mathias Bauer; Dietmar Dengler

    Group Decision Making Through Mediated Discussions

    In: Peter Brusilovsky; Albert T. Corbett; Fiorella De Rosis (Hrsg.). Proceedings of the 9th International Conference on User Modeling. International …

  7. Norbert Pfleger; Jan Alexandersson; Iryna Gurevych; Robert Porzel; Elena Slinko; Stefan Merten

    Less is More: Using a Single Knowledge Representation in Dialogue Systems

    In: Proceedings of the HLT-NAACL WS on Text Meaning , Edmonton, Canada, May 31, 2003, p. 14-21. HLT-NAACL Workshop on Text Meaning, 2003.

  8. Stephan Baldes; Mathias Bauer; Dietmar Dengler; Anthony Jameson; Gabriele Paul; Thomas Rist; C. Schmitt

    MIAU - Supporting Group Decision in E-Commerce Applications.

    In: C. Stephanidis (Hrsg.). In C. Stephanidis, editor, Proceedings of the 10th International Conference on Human-Computer Interaction (HCII 2003), …

  9. Norbert Pfleger; Stefan Merten; Markus Löckelt; Ralf Engel; Jan Alexandersson; Robert Porzel; Iryna Gurevych

    More on Less: Further Applications of Ontologies in Multi-Modal Dialogue Systems.

    In: In '' 3rd Workshop on Knowledge and Reasoning in Practical Dialogue Systems'' , an IJCAI 2003 Workshop, Acapulco, 2003. IJCAI Workshop on …