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  1. A development environment for engineering intelligent avatars for semantically-enhanced simulated realities (demonstration)

    In: AAMAS '12: Proceedings of the 11th International Conference on Autonomous Agents and Multiagent Systems - Volume 3. International Conference on …

  2. BOCHICA: A Model-driven Framework for Engineering Multiagent Systems.

    In: Joaquim Filipe; Ana L. N. Fred (Hrsg.). ICAART 2012 - Proceedings of the 4th International Conference on Agents and Artificial Intelligence. …

  3. Marius Orfgen; Moritz Kümmerling; Gerrit Meixner

    Analyse von Modellierungssprachen für Infotainmentsysteme

    In: Harald Reiterer; Oliver Deussen (Hrsg.). Mensch und Computer 2012 - Workshopband: interaktiv informiert - allgegenwärtig und allumfassend!?. …

  4. Gerrit Meixner; Marius Orfgen; Moritz Kümmerling

    automotiveHMI – Model-Based In-Vehicle Infotainment Description as a Stepping Stone for the Integration of Car and Web

    In: W3C Web and Automotive Workhop (Hrsg.). Proceedings of the W3C Web and Automotive Workhop. Web and Automotive, November 14-15, Rome, Italy, W3C, …

  5. Ingmar Steiner; Korin Richmond; Ian Marshall; Calum D. Gray

    The Magnetic Resonance Imaging subset of the mngu0 articulatory corpus

    In: Journal of the Acoustical Society of America (JASA), Vol. 131, No. 2, Pages 106-111, ASA, 2/2012.

  6. Ingmar Steiner; Slim Ouni

    Artimate: an articulatory animation framework for audiovisual speech synthesis

    In: John Kane; João Cabral (Hrsg.). ISCA Workshop on Innovation and Applications in Speech Technology (IAST). Workshop on Innovation and Applications …

  7. Slim Ouni; Loïc Mangeonjean; Ingmar Steiner

    VisArtico: a visualization tool for articulatory data

    In: Interspeech. Conference in the Annual Series of Interspeech Events (INTERSPEECH-12), September 9-13, Portland, OR, USA, Pages 1878-1881, ISCA, …

  8. Éva Székely; Zeeshan Ahmed; Ingmar Steiner; Julie Carson-Berndsen

    Facial expression as an input annotation modality for affective speech-to-speech translation

    In: Ronald Böck; Francesca Bonin; Nick Campbell (Hrsg.). International Workshop on Multimodal Analyses for Human Machine Interaction (MA3). …

  9. Ingmar Steiner; Korin Richmond; Slim Ouni

    Using multimodal speech production data to evaluate articulatory animation for audiovisual speech synthesis

    In: Michael Pucher; Darren Cosker; Gregor Hofer; Michael Berger; William Smith (Hrsg.). ACM 3rd International Symposium on Facial Analysis and …

  10. Gunnar Grimnes; Malte Kiesel; Ansgar Bernardi; Andreas Dengel

    Semantic Technologies in Agricultural Communication - The iGreen Project

    In: Proc. AOS - Agricultural Ontology Service, 2012. International Symposium on Agricultural Ontology Service in Practice, September 3-4, Kuching, …